16 Confessions of a Recent Waldorf Graduate

1. In the four years I’ve served in high school, I never led/conducted the national anthem during flag ceremony.

2. I kept telling my sponsor I already had.

3. Because of End of Block presentations, I now suffer from severe cases of secondhand embarrassment.

4. I’m still more proud of our class’s last Eurythmy performance than I am of our last dance at Prom.

5. Doctor Who is the reason behind most of my ‘good and constructive questions’ in Physics class.

6. One of my friends and I auditioned for the same role in the class play. Two days before the audition, I lost interest in acting at all. On audition day, I simply played an older version of myself and was not given the part because my portrayal of the character was ‘too much like yourself.’ The other auditioner got the role. I wound up playing two smaller roles with but with much less appearance time and plot relevance combined than the first character.

Exactly the plan.

7. I will not deny having ‘cut corners’ during our warm-up runs around the gym.

8. I will not deny to having played ‘Bejeweled’ during free time and lessons when the teacher was absent.

9. I have grown to dread the words ‘group yourselves’ and ‘find a partner.’

10. Up till tenth grade, I relied solely on Facebook for homework updates from friends. Starting 11th grade, I got an app for that.

11. Shortly after 10th grade started, I stopped taking the bell seriously, because most of the time, teachers would come late anyway!

12. I used to go play the piano in the music room during free time and before classes just to practice and wake myself up. Sometimes I would be late, so i kept telling myself I would stop. But after doing this once and going to the classroom to discover I had just missed a long pre-main lesson sermon from one of the teachers, I found another reason to keep on doing it.

13. I always bring extra sheets of paper, a pencil and an eraser to student assemblies and Choir practice, because inspiration always strikes in the midst of boredom.

14. Lifting heavy objects is bad for me as it creates some sort of strain on my eyes. I have abused this fact whenever heavy lifting is required.

15. Using a stick-like object to pour liquid into a container is just about the only thing I learned in Chemistry that actually helps me in everyday life. (For example, pouring tonkatsu sauce onto my plate using a chopstick.)

16. I may or may not have affected the school’s ecosystem as a whole by releasing a foreign snail into the grounds.

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Comic Book Review: Saga

This is the first time I’ve ever done a review on a comic book, and I can’t think of a better one to start with than Saga, a science-fiction/fantasy story written by Brian K. Vaughan (who did two of my other favorite comics, Y: The Last Man and The Runaways) and illustrated by Fiona Staples. This post will be shaken down into 5 parts: Story, characters, worldbuilding, art, and some extra fangirling about anything I might’ve missed.


Mums and dads have never been more badass.

STORY: I read the very first issue of Vol. 1 on the Comixology App (because it was free haha) and was instantly hooked because of the art and the story–but more than anything, it was the characters that got me interested and made me laugh. The story is about a war being fought by two enemy races across the expanse of a galaxy far, far away–one side has horns and the other side has wings. However, two soldiers named Alana and Marko, from opposite sides fall in love, forsake the war, get married and have a baby together. Their daughter is born in the first issue, but their respective armies send people to hunt them down, one of which is a bounty-hunter named The Will. The story does touch a bit on the politics of the war, but more than anything the center of it is how the family struggles to survive while on the run, and in the end it’s pretty much about how wars can ruin things and end up looking pretty stupid, especially because most people in the story have lost sight of why they’re fighting in the first place.

The story is really well-written; the dialogue is hilarious! It was really enjoyable for me because even if the setting is in an over-the-top fantasy world at war, the protagonists are still more occupied with soiled diapers and ex-girlfriends than whatever all the fighting is about. The story is narrated by a grown-up version of Hazel, the baby; which I guess is reassuring in a way because it must mean that the characters live through their adventures. But her voice also provides a laid-back commentary on what first-time parenting is like, and based on what I hear from my own parents and relatives, the events in Saga will be incredibly relatable to anyone, even if they’ve never had to breastfeed while dodging laser fire.

Marko and Alana’s story, as explained by some of the people trying to find them, actually begins when Marko was captured and Alana, having been demoted previously, was assigned to guard him at a detention facility. They fell in love and eloped within a matter of hours, but what I love about them is–despite their story having all the elements of being some kind of desperate Romeo-and-Juliet, love-at-first sight tale that sounds doubtful at first, the way they interact and balance each other out really convinces one that they’re perfect together, incredibly sweet, and a power couple to end ALL power couples. It’s a great OTP investment; you do not not want to ship this.


CHARACTERS: Characters are, for me, what always makes or breaks a story, and the ones in Saga instantly became really special to me (in Tumblr speak, they became ‘my bbys.’) First off, the protagonists are super interesting because they’re beyond the box–I don’t often see a lot of comic books that focus on parents and parenting. But what makes the protagonists in Saga more interesting is watching them navigate through life as parents, spouses and refugees, because their dialogue and reactions are so hilariously realistic. Especially when Alana curses– being impulsive, brash and a little foul-mouthed, maybe she doesn’t start out as great ‘mom material,’ but over the course of five issues, she certainly does grow into the role and sends the message that it doesn’t matter who you are; if you’re willing to do anything to protect your kid, that makes you a great parent already. And Marko–just Marko, guys. He’s like a combination of your adorkable high-school sweetheart and enthusiastic first-time daddy. Is it too much to ask for a Marko in your life!?


also he can do magic, yay!

Izabel is a character who joins the family later on. She is, according to Alana: ‘a dead teenager missing her vagina’ because Izabel got killed after stepping on a landmine and presents as a legless ghost floating around, who becomes Hazel’s first babysitter. She’s pretty much an example of how wars can seriously muck things up for children in particular, but Izabel never feels sorry for herself; she just takes it all in stride.

We also get insight into the ‘bad guys’ surrounding them, and then we realize that hey, they’re not so bad after all. Some of them, like the television-headed Prince Robot IV, are under orders to go find this family and arrest them for treason blah blah blah, but you can’t help but feel sorry for him because all he wants to do is stop fighting and start a family (with his similarly robot-headed wife.) The Will, a bounty hunter, is just trying to do his job, but deep down he’s actually a guy with good morals, exemplified when he tries to do everything to save a young girl from the rest of her life as a sex slave. Then there’s another bounty hunter called The Stalk–and even if her character design is creepy AF, I actually ended up liking her personality a lot!

You know the characters in a book are great when you can imagine their voices in your head (and to me, The Stalk sounds like a stoned/drunk Kate Beckinsale) and when they appear as people you actually know, with flaws and strengths and their own stories behind why they act the way they do. Well, that’s the characters in Saga, and not just the main ones–all of them.

WORLDBUILDING: Brian K. Vaughan created a universe of mixed races, species and cultures, which was really interesting for me. The galaxy Saga is set in is a blend of magic and technology, a lot like Narnia meets Star Wars. The differences between Landfall (where Alana is from) and Wreath (where Marko is from) are distinct and contrasting. The other locations are very cool and unique; scenes switch between haunted forests, sleek army headquarters, an entire planet that serves as a very big sex shop (disturbing scenes here) and the interior of a bio-organic rocketship. And I never knew I wanted to live in a bio-organic rocketship until I read Saga.

ART: The art. I swear to God. Aaaagh. Where do I even start? Fiona Staples is a genius with facial expression and shading. The colors are both sleek and lush. Each character distinctly looks like they’re a different ethnicity. And the panels are paced in really unique ways that allow the reader to get the best out of the scene. The characters’ clothes are just begging to be in my closet (Alana’s poncho! Izabel’s beanie!) and every spacecraft is designed to make you want to go take it for a spin. Each wide-angle landscape is a feast for the eyes, with sharp sketchy pencils and bright colors. The entirety of Saga’s art is like eating an extra-fudgy chocolate chip cookie–delicious, delightful and too good to be true. Nyom.

ANYTHING ELSE?: Let’s just say that Saga is that breath of fresh air and subversive movie-material comic that everybody needs right now–and I mean, right about NOW. And this is just volume 1! I can’t wait to see where and how far the characters go over the course of the, well, saga. Volume 1 ends with Marko’s parents having tracked the couple using magic…and if that ain’t awkward, I don’t know what is.

But the beauty of Saga is how it handles certain situations (like war) and subjects (like first-time parenting) and puts it all together in an interesting, relatable, funny, honest and brilliant way.


‘This is what I get for marrying a vegetarian! Even the goddamn PLANTS want us dead!’– Alana

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The Arrow Necklace fan art

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) was wearing an arrow necklace that’s currently the cause of much speculation and feels amongst fans (’cause arrows=Hawkeye=OTP!) Previously my cousin asked me to do fan art of this…and I think I took it more seriously than I should have:


‘Hey Nat, I got you a little something’

‘Do you like it?’
‘Yeah. It’s…great’

‘Cool. Well, see you later’
‘See you’

*It’s really, really great.*

But this one doesn’t really tell a story, does it? So today I did another one and I feel much happier about it because it makes the necklace seem more important and have a background that’s not something so cliche. :)


‘Hey Nat, I almost forgot…I found this in the ruins of New York, maybe you’d like it’

‘Now why would I wanna wear something like this?’
”Because it looks good on you and it reminds you of your best friend?’

‘Well, you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to. Anyway, see you later’

*Well…good thing he found it,
I thought I’d lost this thing in New York.*

Le feels!

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Luckier Than The Hero

Heroes always have a role to play, a destiny to fulfill. They’re at the center of prophecies, fated to deliver salvation, destined to lead battles. And somebody tells them what they have to do, who they are, where they should go, in order to get the happy ending and the life they were meant to have.

But real life is not like that at all.

If only we knew what we were destined for. If only other people could tell us what we’re meant to be. But reality’s not built like that. You have a lot of masks to try on, a lot of weapons to wield, so many people you’re not sure you should trust, and so many paths your heart tells you to follow.

I guess what happens to us makes us who we are, but what we do has the most impact on ourselves. I have to believe that–I refuse to fully accept that fate is a one-way street. If it is, then come on, tell me–why am I standing, again and again, at the Crossroads?

Because unlike the heroes in most stories, unlike those with a space in the world to fill with virtue and strength, we make ourselves into whoever we want to be–and okay, sometimes we get confused and that’s why people do bad or wrong stuff. Still, one choice can change it all around.

That’s what makes us luckier than the hero. We don’t get the full-on rhyming prophecy predicting what we’re supposed to do; we don’t get the crazy hermit lady jumping out at us and telling us who we REALLY are. We find out for ourselves. We get to choose who to be rather than be pressured into filling in a role. We can rewrite the story as we go along.

Life would be a lot easier if we were told from the start how things are meant to turn out and what we’re supposed to do. But that’s just boring. And that’s just impossible. And anyway, who wants to be told how to live their life?

It never turns out perfect, of course, but that’s why it’s called reality.

That’s what makes us the most well-rounded characters in the history of literature. Ever.

And that’s what makes this ongoing saga so friggen’ epic.

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I used to spit in the face of perfection
Used to delight in my fizzling spark plugs and faulty diodes
And people told me to feel okay about mistakes
Because that’s how you learn

But every system wears out
And I’m getting tired of all these loose screws
And I’m getting sick of the dents and viruses

I lie in the corner like a stringless marionette,
Light fading from photoreceptors
I wish I could be a real girl
Like that puppet from the old story

I used to take pride in my scratched chrome surface
I used to love my screaming rusty gears
Too dysfunctional to really be of use
Too proud to walk myself into a scrap heap

I watch all these flawless silver machines walking around
I swore I’d never be programmed like them
I vowed to never be perfect

But I’m beginning change my mind
Please reboot me right
Pour oil all over my insides
Light it up for all I care
Take the old memory drive–
Transfer it to a new shell
Pray it won’t be so messed up
If I can’t be real
Can I at least be normal

After years of falling apart
And breaking down
I’m giving in
(Even if I never said I would)
Maybe perfect
Doesn’t sound so bad

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Momma Was A Fangirl

When I get older
If I have kids
I’ll tell them:

When she was your age
Momma was a fangirl
When momma was younger
Books saved her life
They showed her possibilities
They made her who she is now
That’s why she can tell stories
That’s why she believes in heroes
When momma was your age
She’d jump with glee
And flail with feels
She fell in love with guys who weren’t real
And the simplest of things would remind her of what she loved
And every waking hour spent at school
Was not complete without some daydreaming to go with it
And she never regretted a single moment of it
She learned patience
Waiting in line at Free Comic Book Day
Counting down the days to the movie she was waiting for
She learned perseverance
Striving to make her heroes proud
Always aiming to tell a story as good as the ones she loved
She learned friendship
Discovered it in those who shared her passion
She learned pain
‘Cause nobody likes it
When their favorite character dies
She learned loyalty
Because she read the best examples of it
And will stick with a band till the bitter end
And she learned courage
To hold fast to one’s belief despite what haters say
That no matter the odds, you can win in the end
That’s what made her who she is today

When she was your age
Momma was fangirl–
And she was never ashamed of it
Because that’s who she is
Staying after the credits have finished rolling
Knowing the lyrics before the single plays on the radio
Feeling more real
With the help of fiction
Singing along to a theme song with no words
And that’s who she still is
Your momma is a fangirl
And she always will be

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When a pebble hits your windowsill
And you look outside
To see him standing on the sidewalk
Dressed up dapper
And strumming a guitar
Playing your favorite song
Don’t hesitate to open the windows
Fling them wide
And let his chords float in
And don’t just watch
Don’t just listen
Join in if you can
Show him you can carry his tune
And dare him
To keep carrying yours

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