Trailer Review- Avengers: Age of Ultron

…And so it begins.

This week Marvel Studios revealed a lot of news about Phase 3, most of which made me legitimately tear up (ehem CAPTAIN MARVEL ehem) but that is a post for another day. Today I bring you the Avengers 2 trailer, to which is attached a sneak preview clip of the film. So put on your Thor helmet, grab a victory bottle of champagne and hit Play:

At last, at long last, we get to see the team just hanging out and chilling. Rhodey’s part of the group, too. And then…when ya least expect it… JAMES SPADER. I mean, Ultron! Ultron quoting Pinocchio! (this is what you get when Disney buys Marvel.) And Ultron, being in the comics a robot who always keeps coming back no matter how many times he’s destroyed, is one tough son of a *****. He appears to bring the hammer down hard (no pun intended) on our heroes, using multiple robots, psychology and two very special weapons to drive a wedge right through them.

The team appears to have been split apart– Cap wandering alone, Thor almost drowning, Bruce in the woods topless, Hawkeye running through the trees, nobody likes you Tony, go home. May I just take a second to point out the ballerinas though? Being a ballerina (albeit a fake one) was a big part of Black Widow’s origin. Could we finally be getting a flashback? Or could it just be the Scarlet Witch messing with everybody’s heads? Only time will tell…

Needless to say that I am super, super excited for this one. It’s great to see everybody back together again, with a couple new faces added in as the twins Wanda and Pietro make their first appearance on the big screen. And it will be interesting to watch everything unfold and set up the universe for long-awaited films such as Black Panther, Infinity War, Civil War (ugh…) and my personal favorite, Captain Marvel. But all in all–it’s just been so long since we’ve seen the Big 6 kick ass all together again, so 2015 is gonna be a real treat!

Avengers: Age of Ultron be even bigger of a game-changer than Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So before we get our hearts ripped out of our chests on May 1, 2015, check out the next Marvel projects confirmed for release:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wipe off my tears of joy.


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Into the Sunset

I was never
The heroine who rode away into the sunset
I was always
The one who turned her back
And vanished
Into the moonlight

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You Said

You said
I was nice
I was funny
I was surprising
I was talented
I was caring

But I am only that way
Because you
Gave me a chance to be

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Call me crazy but
there are some nights when I feel like wheeling above the stars
And some nights when I believe I really can

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We are deluded
Into finding the perfect person
Wasting time
Chasing shadows
Ignoring our capacities,
Our flaws

Never really realizing
It should be us
Who strives for perfection

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Old people, Young people

Old people be all like
‘Oh, to be young again’

And I’m all like
‘You sure about that?’

Maybe it’s been so long
They’ve forgotten
All the repercussions
That come with being young

The uncertainty
The doubt
The expectations
The fear
Of growing up

Trust me,
You don’t
Want to be young

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This is what I want you to know:
Thank you for asking me if I’m okay
But even if I’m not
I want you to know
That it’s okay not to be okay

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