We are deluded
Into finding the perfect person
Wasting time
Chasing shadows
Ignoring our capacities,
Our flaws

Never really realizing
It should be us
Who strives for perfection

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Old people, Young people

Old people be all like
‘Oh, to be young again’

And I’m all like
‘You sure about that?’

Maybe it’s been so long
They’ve forgotten
All the repercussions
That come with being young

The uncertainty
The doubt
The expectations
The fear
Of growing up

Trust me,
You don’t
Want to be young

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This is what I want you to know:
Thank you for asking me if I’m okay
But even if I’m not
I want you to know
That it’s okay not to be okay

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I Dare You

Yeah, sure
Approach me
Make the mistake
Of choosing me
Out of all the other people
Eating alone
I dare you
To sit across from me
Open your mouth
Say something
(Something stupid)
I dare you
To wave at me in the hallway
To watch me pass by
(Bitch, I know I’m fabulous)
I dare you
To walk past me
Looking over my shoulder
At the computer I’m working on
I dare you to try to talk
To get my attention
To poke me–
You’ll regret it
Come at me bro
I dare you
I double dare you

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This or That

This or that
Black or white
Light or dark
Positive or negative
Up or down
Naughty or nice

At this point
It doesn’t matter which one I am
As long I know
what I am

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No Answers

Let me ask the questions
Thinking aloud
Of the things I don’t know
But don’t answer me
Words burrowing into my ear
Making me sound foolish
Keeping me from finding the answer
In my own time
I ask, not to be answered at once
But to remind myself
There are things I don’t know…
And things
I don’t have to

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True Power

What it’s not:

Control over other people
Influence over everything
Down to the last second
Success in all things
Answering to no one

What it is:

Control over oneself
A deliberate choice
To do the right thing
Even when presented with every opportunity to do the bad
Of your humanity

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