Trailer Review: Big Hero 6


Now that Disney owns Marvel (and other things besides) I’ve been waiting for an animated adaptation of a Marvel comic book…and a few months ago, news came out that we were gonna get one.

‘Big Hero 6,’ the next CGI film from the creators of Wreck-It-Ralph, Tangled and Frozen, is based on one of Marvel’s more obscure titles, a limited series of the same name set in Japan. The teaser trailer was released two months ago and got me extremely excited. Then the legit trailer came out.

And I was in unprecedented tears.

There is A LOT of promise in this trailer. Great action sequences, classic training/suit-up scenes, fun team dynamic and the animation– gosh, LOOK AT THAT ANIMATION. Eye candy everywhere! Plus the character designs have transitioned wonderfully from the comic page to the animated screen (Honey Lemon’s purse!) and the music they used, in this trailer at least, is perfect to a T.

In the comics, Hiro (the central character) programmed Baymax with the brain engrams of his dead father (weird, I know) but the film treats this rather differently. From what it looks like, Hiro’s older brother is the one who passed away, leaving Baymax the robot behind to look after his younger bro. This is what really got my attention, so now I’m interested to see how the film will handle it.

^ headcanon that this kid is Tony Stark’s illegitimate son

Add that to layers of scenes of Baymax and Hiro protecting, saving, defenestrating with and conflicting with each other, and I smell some heartwarming character development, probably the likes of which we’ve never seen from Disney before. Also, this film being set in a futuristic fusion of San Francisco and Tokyo, and you get a great interracial cast. ASIAN REPRESENTATION. FIIIIIIIIINALLY!

As with all trailer reviews, I leave this here with the fond hope that it will not disappoint. Big Hero 6 hits theaters in October 2014, so if you like Marvel, East/West culture fusion and inexperienced teenagers trying to fight crime, go and check out the latest trailer here!

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When it Ends

For once I want to look at two people–
Young, and giddy, and silly in their first love
And not think about how they’ll feel when it’s over
And where they’ll be when it ends

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The Drill

Unholy rain pours from the sky. Drops spatter threateningly on your windshield. The wind howls like an angry animal.

You know the drill guys. This is when we stay up hunched over our screens refreshing and refreshing and refreshing and waiting for those two words that change fate:

walang pasok.

And we’re not going to bed
Until we’re sure.

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I’m Geography

No man is an island
But I’m a peninsula
And I’m just beginning to map myself out
Exploring new regions
Of who I am,
Dangerous or breathtaking
I’m geography
And the rest of me
Is still uncharted

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I Write Because

I always thought that I wrote because I had something to say
Or because I wanted to twist fantasy
The way I could never twist reality

I know now that I write
Only because I can
Because there’s no other way to live
Because the muses will never cease their murmur
Because things deserve to be written about

Basically, I write
Because I have no choice–
And to stop writing
Would be like to stop breathing

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Life Goal

I have just decided on a new thing:

My life goal
Is to fill every page on my passport with stamps

And then do it all again

Because the most overrated question ever is–
What can you do for the world?
Well how can I answer that
When my world starts out so small?
I won’t know what I can do,
How far my arms can reach
Unless I see the rest of it

What can I do for the world
Unless I know what it can do for me?

Because maybe the place where I belong
Isn’t the place I started out in
And if I don’t belong anywhere
I can belong everywhere

So one day
I’ll begin–
Filling every page on my passport with stamps
One by one

That’s all I want
And that’s all I’ll really need

And in the searching
Of places I don’t know
Or languages I didn’t grow up speaking
I’ll find the answer

I’ll press my ear to the ground,
Soak up the footsteps
Evaluate the common denominators
Read the stars

Perhaps there’s something still the world needs
And I can give it
All I need to do
Is find out how big my world is

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Fifteen (Twenty) Films that Stayed With Me

First I did the Ten Books tag challenge, then somebody went and tagged me again– this time to name fifteen films! Well, I had to do this sooner or later, being a film student. But wth–I got tagged four times, so I think can exercise the liberty to add a bonus 5 more! (I can’t choose just 15, what is wrong with me.)

1. Pirates of the Caribbean (1-3)
Because Jack Sparrow is an excellent role-model for an 11-year-old. run 2. The Lord of the Rings (all of them)
This movie kind of actually runs in my veins, I’ve memorized most of the lines by no fault of my own emotions 3. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Keira Knightley and Steve Carrell are dynamic and heartwarming in this quirky pre-apocalyptic film.

4. Amelié
A must for anyone studying film!

5. Toy Story (all of them)
Forever. And ever.

6. It’s Kind of a Funny Story This one was…wow.

7. The Orphanage
Watched this recently, and it just blew my mind…I was thinking about it for days after, and not just because it was for school!

8. August Rush
Nope, still not over it. Got the soundtrack on loop. #RIPRobinWilliams

9. The Darjeeling Limited

10. Treasure Planet
And no, I’m not just saying this ’cause of John Rzeznik’s musical contribution.

11. Easy A
A big laugh, a good lesson, a great cast and overall, one of the films I can watch over and over again and still enjoy. In my opinion, Emma Stone’s best role!

12. How to Train Your Dragon (both)
The one movie that deviated very far from the books on which they were based, but came out even more spectacular. you-need-to-stop-all-of-this 13. Stoker
Hauntingly psychological, every frame like a painting, with a plot that keeps you up even after the flight attendants tell you to put down your window shades and sleep.

14. Some Kind of Wonderful
Wonderful, to say the least. John Hughes is a master at capturing the generation-transcending issues of teenhood. z


15. My Neighbor Totoro
This movie is just everything ok

16. Harry Potter (all 7)
No list is complete without this!



17. Gravity
Great cinematography, a riveting script, and killer soundtrack!

18. Star Wars (4-6) It has long been my greatest aspiration to be a Jedi. done 19. Stuck in Love A poignant and quirky film that speaks to me as both a writer and a human being. (also, Logan Lerman.)

And just when you wondered if I was gonna add it…

20. Marvel’s The Avengers
Just because. tumblr_m4c3qgPoZ41ql26p9  

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