Never Powerless

Today, on the back my left hand
The part of me which I claim to know so well
I wrote the words ‘I am awake’
To remind myself
That this isn’t a dream;
To remind myself
That I am not powerless to act
I can intervene in the present
And cause a change
For better or worse
Not sleeping
Not helpless
Always waking

And to remind myself,
While sleeping,
That when I see the words on my hand
In a niche of subconscious that mimics reality
I can drive my dreams
Farther than they’ve taken me before

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Doodle Dump 2: Black and White on SketchBook Express

Since my stylus broke, I haven’t been doing digital art on my iPad for months. But a spot of boredom and a sudden stroke of inspiration prompted me to try again with just my finger, even if I had to get used to it and using the different tools on the app all over again.

Here’s what got did yesterday and today!


^ This is Nikola Tesla. It was his birthday yesterday and I wrote a poem. This was the first drawing I did.


^ That’s me with a light bulb. I’d like to think it’s got a sort of HergĂ© quality to it with the bold lines.


^ This is Bucky Barnes in need of a hug. I’m pretty proud of the shading and lines on this one.


^Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, and a total badass.


^ One of my own characters…I didn’t really like how this one turned out.


^Smilin’ Stan Lee


^ 2014 Hayley Williams


^ My sister Alfie, forever one of my favorite subjects


^ Alexandra Trese


^ A pathetic attempt at John Lennon


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Electric Pigeon Man

You’d usually find him in the park
Electric pigeon man
The things he did lit up the dark
Electric pigeon man
You’d read his name all over the news:
Electric genius man
A guy like that has nothing to lose
Electric pigeon man
But everyone has ups and downs
And electric pigeon man
Would just keep going on and on
Electric genius man
You’d see him lighting up the sky
Fluorescent neon man
Sparks that scream and streak and fly
Electric pigeon man
The things we cannot see and feel
Or what we don’t understand
Were the most important things of all
To electric pigeon man
Light up the the world like nobody else
Says electric pigeon man
Make it safe and bright and fast
That was his master plan.
Connect the world through waves of sound
Electric pigeon man
Through energy that runs under the ground
Electric pigeon man
But sometimes money speaks louder than dreams
And electric pigeon man
Was shoved somewhere behind the scenes
Electric pigeon man
But never did he miss a beat
Electric pigeon man
Though crackers and milk was all he’d eat
Eccentric pigeon man
And time went on and people said
Electric pigeon man
Is going a little round the bend
He’s an electric cuckoo man
The only thing that never changed
For electric pigeon man
Was how he’d always feed the birds
Electric pigeon man
There was light inside the head
Of electric pigeon man
And he used it to light the rest of the world
As brightest as he can
Because of him our world is bright
Electric pigeon man
And so we honor his memory tonight
–the electric pigeon man.

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Victory Rises

We lose our head
We break our arms
Yet we grow wings
And we rise
We rise


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My Thought Process When Dividing Polynomials


Hey there expression
I don’t wanna solve you, expression
Do I have to reciprocal you? Fine
You know why? ‘Cause you don’t look right
That’s much better
Okay now let’s factor the crap outta you
Wait how did that happen?
The signs
Aww so you guys were just too different
That’s why it didn’t work out
And you ended up getting subtracted rather than multiplied?
That’s too bad
Exponent here…exponent there
Hold up that don’t make sense
Check the process–wat
Oh now I get it
Anyways, there we go
What’s the friggin’ GCF of this
Is that it? No
Oh wait, just be creative
How about Y^2?
Oh my gosh, that works
Check the signs
Can we cancel?
Poof! There ya go
Poof! There ya go
Wait where the hell did you come from?
Y^2 divided by Y is just Y
3 x 5= 15
Bippity boppity boo
Check the answer
Please be right
Break muna tayo guys
Time for guava jam and crackers
Then back to another example

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Pomegranate Cocktail

‘Mum,’ says Persephone, as she twirls down the stairs
‘There’ll be a party on Friday and my friends will all be there.
Please let me go, growing flowers is so boring!
Any more and one day you might find me snoring!’

Demeter looks up from the flowers she’s arranging
She purses her lips to keep herself from raging:
‘Honey, sweet pea, you know how I feel
About your putting on dresses and flashy high-heels
And this place where you’re going, where they play that dub–‘
‘Mum, you’re so silly! It’s called a club!’

So Demeter gave up and said ‘Okay you can go
But be back by midnight or, well, you know!’
Persephone rolled her eyes as she tried on a new dress–
‘Yeah, I get it Mum, whatevs!’

Thus on the evening of Friday, beneath the light of the stars
And the headlights of Selene’s bright lunar car
Persephone arrived, quite fashionably late
Wearing the most chic chiton to date
And as always, on her head a bright flower crown
As the dryads rolled their eyes and said ‘The hipster’s in town’

‘Oh my Zeus!’ She exclaimed, ‘I might find some romance!
Come on everybody, let’s get up and dance!



So she and her friends, the nymphs and the satyrs
Hit the floor and left all their troubles to later
Little did they know that Persephone caught the eye
Of a gentleman in black who happened to spy
Her fleetness of foot and her grace in the lights
Fist-pumping away till the end of the night

This guy’s name is Hades, and he’s smoother than smooth
Even more than Apollo and much better than Zeus
He came for a hookup and to have a good time,
Then saw Persephone and said ‘Oh, she so fine!’
So as soon as she fled to the bar for a drink
He was at her side faster than anyone could blink–
‘Heeeey, babe,’ he says, his teeth glinting white,
‘You with someone or did you come alone tonight?

Can I get you a drink?’
‘Aww, aren’t you cute,’ Persephone titters, ‘Yes, vodka absolut!’
But Hades just smiles and says ‘How about this?
A pomegranate cocktail with a nice curly twist?
It’ll quench your thirst and warm you right up,
When you party with Hades, the party don’t stop.’

Poor Persephone! She had never been warned
To take drinks from strangers who might mean her harm
The more Hades talked, the braver she got
And after the cocktail, it was shot after shot
After shot
After shot
After shot
After shot!

And back at home Demeter was pacing, so worried
At her wits’ end at last she called up Hermes,
‘Oh nephew, my daughter’s been out all night!
It’s quarter to two and she’s nowhere in sight!
Pull out all the stops and seek till you find
Then bring her back home or I’ll lose my mind!’

Finally as the night wore on
(Time really flies by when you’re having fun)
Hades asked Persephone if he could bring her home
For he was, he explained, quite all alone
In a dreary apartment with a dog with three heads
‘It’s dreadfully boring, and a little bit…dead.
So are you gonna stay the night?
Doesn’t mean we’re bound for life…’

Persephone giggled. That sounded like fun.
Aphrodite be praised, she’d found The One!
‘Okay, okay, I’ll be right outside
You can take me home and for a nice moonlit ride!’

And at that moment, Hades smiled,
‘Awww YISSS,’ he thought.


‘Your mother is asking where on Gaea you’ve been!
It’s getting late and you’re drinking with HIM?
Persephone, you don’t know what’s up!
He grabbed at her arm and pulled her out the door. ‘You are coming home NOW. No more drinks, no more!’

And so the night ended, Hades alone once again,
A little melancholy and with no girlfriend,
While Persephone explained herself to her mom:
‘I only took like six shots, come on!’

But six shots can go a long long way
And it won’t be long before the happy day
When in half a year, or possibly less
On a winter evening the gods will all bless
When Hades and Persephone meet once more
Under the lights of a lively dance floor
And when they do, sparks will fly and pop,
‘Cause when you party with Hades…

the party don’t stop!

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Sometimes you have to wait for the right moment

The right moment
Waits for you

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