6 Things about Lipstick

1. Sometimes lipstick breaks in half.
2. If your boyfriend has lipstick on his face that isn’t your shade…you should probably worry
3. Smearing lipstick on your practice knife makes Arnis sparring super realistic
4. Choose a shade that doesn’t make you look like a corpse
5. If you’re at a party and you forgot what glass is yours, check the shades of lipstick
6. Don’t put lipstick on while in a car on a bumpy road

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Death Reactions

Sketches of the following reactions I had when watching major deaths from GoT Season 4.









Bonus: The Red Wedding-




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I wonder how long you can hold eye contact with a baby
Before feeling guilty about being grown up

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Moth in my Room

To crash headlong
Into gauzy curtains

To skim off walls,
Wings rustling

Bouncing against corners
Soft tapping of tiny legs
upon wallpaper

Veering from point A to B,
Frantic hum of tiny wings

Land momentarily
Upon a piece of furniture
Or doorknob
As if one had forgotten
One’s purpose

And then remembering it again,
A clumsy spiral
Not into open air,
But the first semblance of alluring light

Just like the rest of us

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Keep Running

The secret to life is
The secret to life

The secret to
The secret


Keep running
Doesn’t matter to where

Keep running

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5 Things that Happen to Me in a Bookstore

1. My pace slows as I enter, past the metal detectors
And cashier and bestsellers
My steps linger between shelves as I scan
The rows of multicolored spines displaying their titles

2. As my walk slows, so does my mind
Brainwaves dropping to a hum as I read
The backs of books, content to fill
My empty self with others’ words for once

3. Inhale–
Breathe in the ideas
Smell of paper; not just paper!
But magic and stardust,
Mysteries and meet-cutes
Plot twists
Chekhov’s guns
And happy endings

4. And the world
Fluorescent lights
Become desert suns
Carpeted floors
Become mossy ground
And high shelves
Turn into skyscrapers

5. I reach out and touch the spine of a new book
And the glass between worlds silently shatters
The fourth wall goes down

And my friends on the other side
Come spilling out

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