Superhero sketches

Last night I stayed up pretty late drawing these; once I started, it was hard to stop. I find I can usually draw better at night and I’m more focused on what I’m doing, once I decide what to draw. Here are my sketches of certain Marvel superheroes.


^ This one is obvious :D I actually really tried to make it look like Chris Evans. Sort of failed…


^ Ms. Marvel, who I always find really fun to draw. Around this time my creative juices were sort of beginning to flow better.


^ I’d never drawn Nightcrawler before, so this was kind of a challenge for me. Eventually I had to look up the costume so I could get it right.


^ Rogue! With her classic cloak and hood thingy! I read a comic of her somewhere with short hair, so I drew that version of her here because I thought it would be easier and more interesting.


^ The Wasp as seen on the Avengers cartoon! A show which I love.

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If I said I was good, you would probably think I'm boasting. But if I told you I was no good, you know I'm lying.' ~Bruce Lee
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