The Arrival

(The first piece in my Euro Trip collection! This  poem is written in a ‘train-of-thought’ style, as if you’re reading the tweets on my Twitter page.)

Okay so here’s what happened

First we took a plane

All together, from home

Leaving the soil of our native land

And landing in another

Then it was 5 hours lay over

(thank God for lattes and free wi-fi)

waiting for our next flight

with that little snafu in the terminal train (which btw DOESN’T have two stops)

And now we’re stuck in this plane for 12 hours

Are you hearing me? 12 FREAKIN’ HOURS

Mind-numbing travel

Must have been like 3 movies

and ohmygod stop feeding me


and bathroom trips–

yes I know, be patient

don’t you know

How long it takes to clean one’s retainers?

Then finally



And that thrill

Of landing on the runway


One step, then another

Realizing that Hey guys,

Now WE’RE the foreigners!

And a train

and another

Half the time we had no idea what the hell we were doing

Luckily we ran into an angel from our native land

(God bless you)


And now the walking


5 teens dragging their bags behind them like a group of hobos

(come to think of it I haven’t seen a single hobo since we got here)

positive we could find the right road

well whaddaya know

Lost again (like we always are)


Screw this guys

I’m going back and taking the bus

No you can’t just make para because




And now we’re on the bus

(where’s that orange box)

In the distance

We can see our destination

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my–


Doors open

Is this it?

Are we (finally) here?

Hop off

More walking

We’re so close…


And then it rained and we ran

All the way up the winding path

Cold wind blowing, fog across the city

and the drizzle getting stronger


And now we’re here dripping on your doorstep

We’ve travelled far

(you have no idea)


So please

Let us in



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