(Part 2 of the Europe collection. The theme of the student conference was ‘Time+Money=Value?’ Here’s my scattered thoughts on this.)

Time is


(or so they say)

Time is


(my precioussssssssss)

Time is


Hence, the reason why

We stay up till after midnight to keep on dancing because

We only have a few days of this conference thing left.

Time is

Valued by everyone

And if two foxes look at each other from the opposite ends of a tube at different times

Then the money you put in the bank is equal to the seeds you plant

With the help of your alliances

(or something like that)

In any case

Time is something everyone’s got

Even if we don’t think we’ve got it

Or if we think we have very little of it

Time is relative

Time is fluid

Time is

(and I’m quoting someone I’m sure of it)


Time is–


At one point or another, every minute is or was Now.

Yesterday used to be Now,

but today is Now.

And a hundred years ago was Now,

and someday

that point in which I finally become famous

or become a parent

will be Now.

But right now? It’s Now.

Even if it will someday be ‘A hundred years ago.’

Whenever it is,

it’s the most important time.

Because after all

Rome wasn’t built in a day

But it was finished at a point in time that could be considered as Now.

And seriously?

Time is just–

Snap, it goes by. And

You’re left holding a memory.

Think about long shots, think about split-second decisions

And you’ll realize

That no matter the difference of minutes in between them

They might end up of the same importance.

Time is unexplainable

Time is incredible

Time is




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