PicCollage2(Part 3 of the Europe Collection. This one’s for my new friends from the Conference. And for the old ones, too. ;))

Five days is not enough

To get to know a new friend–

but hey

We pulled it off.

It was probably those

casual where-you-from convos over all those ‘Kaffeepauses’ (or however you spell them)

warming our hands over paper cups of coffee waiting for the caffeine to hit

and wondering if one sugar cube is too big

or when we had to

Lock eyes from across the room,

Drag each other over the floor,

Pretend like we were having snowball fights,

Walk up a hill in the rain

(and never think to give

the tallest person the umbrella)

Or sit through a play in German that nobody could understand

Maybe it was




A sharing of an endless parade of vegetables

(‘Guys, do you know what this is?’

‘I think it’s beets.’


Maybe it’s

What happens when we sing together

And the sound of many voices

Becomes the sound of One Voice

(la   la    la)
la    la

Most of you will probably say it’s down to

Those late nights we stayed up dancing to death

Partying it up like there was literally no tomorrow

But making it to breakfast on time the next day

And some will say that

It’s down to the fact that we’re alike despite our differences

That we’re in the same place despite being born in different places

(tell me if that’s making sense)

But you wanna know what I think?

I think it’s because we’re

Well, people.

And people

No matter where they’re from

are meant to be with each other.

(no man is an island!)

’cause I mean, nothing happens when elements are isolated

but put them close to each other and

before you know it they’ve


Five days is not enough

To really get to know a new friend–

but hey

We pulled it off.



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