Last Night

(Part 6 of the Europe collection. Nostalgia all around)

On the last night,

We pumped it up real good for as long as we could

One song after another

Even if we were so tired, there was no way we wanted that night to end.

They tried to shut us down but

We asked for one last song

then another

then another

Whoever thought that the world could be united by singing ‘Call Me Maybe’?

10:30 pm

Then 11:00 pm.

12:00 midnight. Lights on, music off. And lots of photos.

1:00 am.

Turns out we still had some party in left over in us.

We tried to have an after-party in our apartment

While the others went for a night out on the town

The rest stayed in

Tried a game of Uno

Added each other on Facebook

Talked about romantic relationships past, present and immediate future

(depending on how one handles a mutual understanding)

2:22 am. Make a wish.

2:30 am ‘Why not stay up till breakfast?’

2:56. ‘I’m going to bed, guys.’

They left,

Taking our bag of tsitserya and trailing smoke through the window

While we tried to wait up for the ones who’d stayed out.

3:00 am.

4:00 am.I’m flicking off my light as the house becomes quiet

We’re gonna regret this in the morning when we can barely stay awake during the last lecture

But you can’t blame us–

After all, time is precious

And you said to make the most of it

And you said to form alliances

And tonight, that’s just what we did.

2:22 am. Make a wish.

Damn, I wish we could do this again.


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