Walker Walking

(Part 7 of the Europe collection. This one’s about traveling in general–but mostly walking.)

walkerI’m the walking walker walking

Hearing streets and buildings talking

Feel my feet upon the ground

Sneakers soaking up the sound

Pump it, pump it, hear my heart

Pause, repeat or press restart

Hear the music of the street

Let the city drop my beat

Let the rhythm echo back

Even on a railroad track

Other people pass me by

And our journeys harmonize

Crossing borders at lightning speed

Buildings, mountains, roads and trees

Cobblestones and rich green grass

Walking slow and walking fast

And the city comes to life

Let the mighty crescendo rise

Push the tempo, drop the bass

Every rhythm falls into place

Other walkers walk along

Every place is a different song

I’m the walking walker walking

In every city my beat is dropping

I sing to it, it sings to me

I’m walking, walking

Walking free


One thought on “Walker Walking

  1. I’m a walking walker who loves walking… In all seasons, in all times… The art of walking is truly Human. May we be grateful for this Grace, Helping those who cannot Walk alone,
    All One,Walking forward on……….

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