Dear Hannah

(Part 9 of the Europe Collection and an abominably late birthday poem for my best friend đŸ™‚ )

Dear Hannah

It’s your birthday

And I’m not there to celebrate with you

Dear Hannah

My birthday greeting on Facebook

Doesn’t even begin to say how much I love looking back on our shared adventures

Dear Hannah

All those photos you took in Paris

Make me giggle and grin

Dear Hannah

Here’s hoping you’re staying warm

Dear Hannah

Remember that time when

We stood knee-deep in the waves and caught jellyfish in plastic buckets

Little green bobbing balloons trailing numerous strings

Dear Hannah

Wish I could really say

‘I’m bringing the party to you’

Dear Hannah

May it be

The evening star

shines down upon you

Dear Hannah

Today you are 19, going on 20

And I am 17, going on 18

But whether you’re 99 going on 100

In my head

We’ll always be little girls standing in the shallows

Dear Hannah

Happy Birthday

I can’t wait to hear all your stories


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