Dear Cecile

(Part 11 of the Europe Collection, and another letter this time addressed to my guide on the D-Day tours, who was a really nice lady and one of the angels I met on this trip 🙂 Pretty sure I’m never going to see her again, so I’m just putting this out there in gratitude.)

Dear Cecile

I just want to say Thank You

Not every minor traveling alone

is lucky to have a tourguide like yourself.


It’s not so much what you showed us, or how you showed us

That’s really your job

Rather, it’s what you did after

That makes you unique


Making sure one tourist was all right by herself

Sharing her popcorn


Dear Cecile, that was kind of you,

and I don’ think I’ve thanked you enough

I don’t even know your last name

and the only photo I have of you is one where you’re not looking


Dear Cecile

Here’s knowing you’ll never read this

But I’ll never forget you

Hope you still remember me



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