You Can’t Have it All

You can’t have it all,
But you can have your hands.
And you can have everything your hands can do,
And you can call them your own.
You can have the endless tones and nuances of a piano keyboard,
And the minute folds in a piece of paper.
You can have blinding golden sun-warmth,
And the chill of the reckless, fearless night.
You can’t have the winning numbers at the lotto,
But you CAN have p4000 in your bank account
Because somebody paid you for a thing you wrote in a newsletter.

You can’t have the whole world,
But you can have some parts of it that you could call home.
You can’t have beautiful legs like the Victoria’s Secret models,
But you can have your own legs
And as long as you still got legs you can have everywhere those legs take you
And you can’t have it all,
But you can have movie nights with your family
And you can have tortilla chips dipped in guacamole
You can have a box of doughnuts,
Annual Halloween hang-outs with a bunch of wacky friends
And six cousins on your dad’s side who answer to the arbitrary rallying cry of

You can’t have it all–
At least not to yourself.
But you can share a bag of pandesal
A bowl of flat tops
A bottle of sparkling juice
With 10 other pairs of lips
Sitting by the poolside, with no intention of swimming.
You can’t have everything but you can share the bill
When you eat at the biggest Shakey’s in the world.
You can share an enemy, a dream, and something worth fighting for.
You can’t have it all
But you can have 12 years worth of memories
And you can have all the years left in your life to make more

You can’t have it all.
But you can definitely get what you want.
And you can have a choice and a voice and a reason and a secret.
And you can’t have the entire galaxy but
You can have a star that shines just for you,
Every year on the day you were born.

They say
you can’t have it all.
I say, screw that.
Because you already do.


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