I Wanna Fly

I wanna fly

I’ll need some wings–

I’ll take them from the albatross,

long and streamlined,

perfect for long flights

across oceans, through strong winds,

and feathers–

soft, warm and downy,

I’ll borrow from the owls

for silent flight in velvet nights.

I’ll need claws,

to grab and tear

Maybe the eagle will lend me his.

Perfect for slicing and clutching

and to hunt from great heights,

I’ll take the hawk’s eyes

sharp and focused,

never missing a thing.

If I asked nicely,

maybe the nightingale

will teach me her song;

and I can learn to sing it in my own voice.

I’ll bring the memory of a crow,

the agility of a sparrow,

the speed of a falcon

And I’ll borrow the grace of a swan,

the wisdom of a raven,

the artistry of the weaver-bird

I’ll ask the ostrich to teach me to run

so I won’t be helpless, even when ground-bound

And the duck, to teach me to swim

and the penguin

to teach me how to get up after an embarrassing slip on the ice.

I’ll take the parrot’s hearing, and its brazen honesty

and I’ll take the peacock’s startling plumage

and the pigeon’s ability to find its way home

I’ll learn from the birds–

how to care, how to sing, how to show off, how to fight, how to hunt

And of course, how to fly



Last of all, I’ll ask the phoenix

how to set myself on fire

Then stand whole and renewed

from a nest of ashes


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