Doesn’t Matter Who You Love

20140208-082840.jpgDon’t let your momma tell you who to love
She never listened to hers anyway.
Don’t let your momma say that he’s not the right one
Don’t let your momma make you change your mind about her
But don’t stop loving your momma because of this–
Remember that it’s been so long since her first love she nearly forgot what it was like
If you feel it and it feels like love
Take a chance,
It doesn’t matter who you love
As long as you love, love love

And your friends, don’t let them tell you who to love
Or how to love–
Because always remember there’s a difference between
‘I f*cking love you’ and ‘I love f*cking you’
You don’t need to feel inside someone’s clothes or…elsewhere to feel the love
Feel it when you look at her
Feel it when he holds your hand
Feel the love of two other people when
He lifts her up and spins her around and you
Can’t help but smile to yourself
It doesn’t mean a drink and a bed and pile of discarded clothes
It means a pair of eyes that see the everything and the nothing in one person and in spite of that,
Undeniably, entirely, in love, love, love.

I’m saying now–
It doesn’t matter who you love
It doesn’t matter how, or where
Love under the stars and the moon in the chill night air
Love in battlefields, surrounded by death that can only be reversed by love
Love in the quaint and reasonably-priced apartment amidst cups of tea and soft quilts and the extra room that will be a nursery in about five months, two weeks and four days
It doesn’t matter why you love as long as it’s true
When you’re old and he’s still the one you wake up next to
As long as you can share a secret and some memories and a chocolate sundae during sunset then baby
Doesn’t matter who you love, as long as you do
Even if people say you can’t because it’s unholy and unnatural and boy if you get with him God will be so mad
Excuse me ladies and gentlemen
If God Himself isn’t pure love, love, love,
Then I don’t know what is
It doesn’t matter who you love
Just love love, my love
And love loving

If we didn’t love then we might as well not live
And if we didn’t live, we’d never be able to love
That’s the knot that ties us together,
The superglue that holds the world from falling apart
The magnet in the back of everyone’s mind that pulls them to the right one, the only one. Whoever it may be
Little girl, young man
I’m telling you straight:
It doesn’t matter who you love
As long as you
Love, love, love


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