I wondered if this
Would be a good idea.
(My friend said it would.)
She turned on the TV, said
‘This show is great,
You’ll love it!’
I settled on her couch and stared
And prepared…

And then, quite suddenly,
You grabbed my hand
Whispered ‘RUN’
And I didn’t know it yet but
That was the beginning

There was nothing
You couldn’t seem to handle
And it wasn’t long before I trusted you
Thinking ‘Hey
I could get used to this’

Just when I was getting to know you
Things changed
Come on, this isn’t fair
We barely got to hang out
The fun was just starting

But while it lasted
You were fantastic
And the show must go on

New face, new teeth
And such great hair
You took me for a spin, trying to figure out
What kind of man were you?
Kept me right on guessing
As time went on,
We found out together

Oh, I loved it when it was fun
But less so when it was sad
And trust me, it could get very sad

There’s nothing a
And an awful lot of running
And your smile
Couldn’t fix

Showed me how to be happy even when lonely
How to be brave even when scared
How to have fun even when all grown up
And to make the most of life even in impending doom

I enjoyed every minute of it
And I wouldn’t have complained
If you had never changed but
Things couldn’t remain the same

You broke my heart saying
‘I don’t want to go’
I didn’t want you to either
But the show must go on

I met you during
The most awkward phase:
Just when everybody said you were leaving
I thought, never mind
I’ll start from his brand-new beginning

Crashing into somebody’s backyard
And crashing into my heart
I mean, I’d always thought the other guys were crazy
But you were a different sort altogether

And weird stuff happened–
They got me more confused than ever
But at least you got what you always wanted:
A family
No matter how screwed up the circumstances
No matter how sad the endings

Can’t hardly blame you for the tears
Because I want to thank you for the laughter
Thinking I’d handle your departure well
I had never been so wrong

You always hated endings
I know; I’m not too crazy about them either
But listen when I say that
You were cool, so cool
And you filled me with wonder
So goodbye raggedy man
We both know
The show must go on

To be honest I
Wasn’t sure how I felt about you
Strange, and different, and secret, and sort of guilty, but
The same man
And you grew on me, grandpa;
You grew on me
Showing me it’s never too late
For change, or redemption
I’m glad I knew who you were
Before being the man that got me into this mess

Here we are
At the end of the line
(Hopefully not)
I’ve just got a glimpse of who you seem to be
And it all seems pretty exciting for me

I can’t wait to see what you’ll cook up next
And what you’ll bring
And who you’ll be
And how you’ll do the job you’ve been doing
For thousands of years now

And most of all
I can’t wait to meet you again
Undoubtedly, undeniably,
No matter who you are
We’ll learn to love you just the same

Go ahead and grab the controls
The stage is yours
You run the show now
So let it go on


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