What Kids Really Need

This is a List of Things that Kids Really Need

Blue skies
And bright futures
Trees to stand under
Puddles to splash in

Lots of sunlight,
Enough time to dream
Grass to lie on
Shoulders to cry on

Good examples
A bad joke now and then
Words to read
And music to listen to

Stories before bedtime
Clear air, clean water
Colors and textures
Hugs and kisses

The smell of
Freshly-turned soil
The pages of old books
French fries
Mom’s perfume
Dad’s car

The feel of
Parents’ arms enfolding, protecting
The warm blanket at night
The scratch of ice under skates
The scream of asphalt under bicycle brakes
All manner of secret handshakes

The taste of
Homemade dishes
Chocolate–dark and light
And freedom

The sight of
Hands holding,
People helping,
Stars dancing in the sky
Water rippling and shining
Everything good
To help them through everything bad

And the sound of
Good words,
Birds chirping
Loud music
Quiet encouragement

Don’t give us
Too many toys
The latest gadgets
Lessons in classrooms and expectations when we’re older

Don’t give us what we don’t need

Just give us the world the way you got it from your parents
Give us the world and its blue skies, trees to stand under, puddles to splash in
Just give us the world, however broken

Because we’ll explore it
We’ll fix it
We’ll love it
And we’ll rule it


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