Sticks and Stones

When we were young we were taught to firmly believe that sticks and stones will break our bones but words will not hurt us and proudly we adopted this mantra because we knew in all logic that words were just words insubstantial as the wind intangible as breath and we were ready to think of ourselves as invincible but it turned out to be a lie and the truth was discovered over the course of many years over the course of many wounds smarting in the side because of something you hear over and over again it may have been thrown carelessly but it cuts deeply and we realized that the old saying was wrong sticks and stones will break our bones but words will set off bombs/unravel fabric/stab and slice and spill one’s guts/break hearts/or simply stick in one’s brain till they develop a tic or have a seizure or go completely mad and when it happened one by one to our generation through some sort of coming-of-age hazing or unspoken unforgotten unacknowledged rite of passage time as it usually would flow or run past suddenly stood very still as we comprehended the truth that set the world in motion

The old saying
Words will never hurt
Is a lie

Words are the
Deadliest weapons
Known to man

But the more you let it get to you the more words damage you then the more you understand how to use them you turn this truth to your advantage you use words to hurt as well and it was only a matter of time before we became experts in the way of the (s)word but we must never forget

That words can heal as well as easily as they can tip the world over they can rebuild it as easily as they beat and batter your soul they can renew it and nurture it as well and some words are not meant to be taken so seriously some words are insubstantial as the wind intangible as breath and you don’t have to believe them unless they’re really true no the real problem happens when it’s said over and over again until you find yourself believing it well sticks and stones will break your bones and words and names can drive you insane they’re just as dangerous and just as deadly but even if they cut us down we will stand up and even if it hurts we must promise to only use our own words for good things for great things and for better and once you decide this that’s when you’ll quickly see the true truest purest truth that keeps the universe spinning and it’s that words are as powerful as you believe them to be the poison is always hidden there but the antidote lies in you no my friends you don’t always have to hurt you don’t always have to believe the untruths you don’t always have to be vulnerable the potency of the poison is half in how you hear it and half if you decide to believe it and deadly when you start thinking it’s true but it doesn’t always have to be no it doesn’t have to be just

Channel that energy that belief that strength in what you know is true in the good that you hold close because sticks and stones can build castles and fortresses but words will raise armies and move mountains because I know now that they’re not just weapons to maim they’re not just tools to build they’re the core of the cosmos the fifth basic element maybe we grew up believing they weren’t dangerous they didn’t matter but we grew up and we know better now we know better and now

Should I have children
I’ll tell them from the start
I’ll raise them in the belief that

Can hurt the way you let them
Can heal the way you want them to
Can be anything you imagine
Are not just
Insubstantial as the wind
Intangible as breath

Sticks and stones will break our bones but words
Will always have the upper hand
If we were taught that from the beginning then maybe
We’d be more careful with what we say
We’d be more cautious with what we believe


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