What We Choose to Be

Her dark eyes sparkle like the sky at night;
A mirror of the heights only she can reach

Though light and frail her bronze-skinned frame may be,
She carries greater burdens than we know

And quiet, shy, timid she will seem,
Skirting around the shadows but

Look to the heavens
Swallow the stone
Scream the word

Is all she really is

Enveloping, surging–
Not burning but
Radiant, vibrant

Faster than you think
Tougher than she looks
Stronger than she knows

And why
Would such great power
Choose to be stored in such an unlikely vessel?
Maybe we’ll never know

But I have to believe
That I, and she,
Are made of the same stuff–

And photons
And energy
The stuff of legend
The stuff of heroes

That I, and she,
Are never just what others see

For I, and she, and all of us
Are only what we choose to be

‘Cause you can’t hurt what you can’t catch
And she is fast–
Traveling heavenward, at the speed of sound

And in her burning wake,
All we can hope to do
Is follow


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