Unsolved Mystery

I don’t want this to be an
Unresolved story that
Goes down in history as
An unsolved mystery
That my kids will read about in books
That they’ll ask me the questions about
That I’ll tell them what I know but feel
Helpless because I don’t know the whole truth
That people will always puzzle about
And put up on that shelf with
Roanoke and Amelia Earhart
No, what I can’t get out of my head is
The empty place at someone’s table
The unclaimed hotel reservation
The wide eyes of a child who waits eagerly
Only to be told her dad won’t be coming home that day
And he disappeared along with a bunch of strangers
But they’re looking for him
So far, no luck yet
There has got to be more to the story
An explanation
At the very least

Just in case
A happy ending
Is too much to ask for


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