Don’t Tell Me

Don’t tell me
That it’s sad
And you’ll miss me
And I’m all grown up
And you’ll never see me again
And we won’t hang out
And I’ll miss out
And you’ll keep me updated
Hope I come round for a visit

Don’t give me that
If you really knew me
If you really are my friend
If you really think I can make it
If you really want me to
Then for God’s sake
Let me go

Tell me
That it’s the happiest thing ever
And you have faith in me
And I can do this
And you’re proud
And we’ll catch up someday
And I can stand
On my own two feet
I can exist
I can survive
And flourish
Outside of this place

It’s not sad
And you won’t have time to miss me
And I’ve still many years of growing up to do
And we might see each other all too soon
And we can still hang out
And what would I miss out on?
And please, don’t bother
Pushing gossip along the grapevine
I don’t need to hear it
Been there, done that
Seen enough

Don’t count on a visit
Just don’t

Because in the end it’s me who’s the open book
It’s me who’s the budding flower
It’s me who’s the butterfly
unfolding itself from the chrysalis
Taking flight–
As soon as I can
And you
Well you’ll still be here

Don’t tell me
That it’s sad

Maybe for you

But not for me


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