There’s always that princess
Who ends up as a sacrifice
To the dragon terrorizing her land
After every other pure maiden
Has long been sent off
(Like cows for the slaughter)
To keep it happy
After every knight
Trying for her hand
Has been roasted to a crisp
Or crippled beyond repair
The princess
Who ends up as the final offering
To appease the beast
Tears soaking her silk dress
Tied to a stake
Before the creature’s lair
Desolate and despairing
Until the hero comes along
And saves her life
And wins her hand

But the day will come when
They’ll talk about how the princess
(In a shocking reversal of roles)
Ran away to escape death
At the jaws of the monster
To a place where she learned
How to fight such beasts
How to tame them as well
And returned home
To win back her people’s freedom
And touch the heart of the dragon
Where others had previously failed
The princess who
Returned home
Not as the prize
But as the hero


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