About Alexandra

Sometimes I can’t sleep
So I look outside at the city lights
Thinking maybe
Just maybe
A woman in a swirling dark coat
Despite the heat of the summer night
Isn’t sleeping either–
Flanked by two masked men
Hot on the trail
Of a criminal we’ll never encounter
Uncovering a mystery
And by the light of day
That story will have become boring, run-of-the-mill
With all the interesting bits edited out
Of blood-and-guts suckers, of fetus eaters, of soul-sellers and magic-wish-granters
Turned into one of those crimes
That gets solved overnight
Nobody ever says that someone pays a higher price
And that the effects are lingering
But she knows

Days I sit sweltering in school
Waiting for something magic and mythic to come crashing in
Knowing that no story I ever tell about myself
Is gonna get me a free drink at that bar
And I wonder if she’s sitting nights at a table in her nightclub
Anticipating the same thing to happen (like it usually does)
But also if
She wishes for something a little more…

She’d probably tell me
That whatever it is I’ve wanted to believe was real
Was hiding under my nose the whole time
And to be honest
If that happened
I don’t know if I would handle it very well
So I’ll leave it up to her–
All the madness, and the mysteries
All the things to set to rights
She’ll be okay with her guardians at her side
One grinning, one frowning
Keeping the kids in this city, like me
Safe from the things that go bump and crash and boom and smash in the night
But sometimes

Sometimes I can’t sleep
So I look outside at the city lights
Thinking I’d give anything
To see what she sees–
The truth


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