I Am a Ghost

I am a ghost
Flitting on the fringes of reality.

I am very real–at least,
I once was.

I once existed,
But over time
I became less tangible
More transparent

And now I talk all the time
But my words never tear the veil
Between the worlds of flesh and essence

And nobody hears my footsteps
I’m reduced to a shadow

A puff of air
A flash of color
That occurs when you look into a mirror
A sweep, a swoop of something
In your peripheral vision

But you ignore it
Say it doesn’t matter
Say it was a trick of the light
Keep on believing I’m not real

But don’t you think I can’t hear you
Talking sh*t about the ones I love
And acting like you’re so perfect
And b*tching about how nobody listens

Try being a ghost
Nobody sees you
Feels you
Hears you
Mostly because
They choose not to believe you’re there

Maybe because
They’re scared
If you were treated like a live person
You’d be more alive than they are

And that’s why
I am a ghost

And treated like figment of your imagination
But it’s what you can’t see
That can do the most damage

And nobody ever notices
Until I do something–
Like, I don’t know
Rattle the pots in the kitchen
Upset the vases
Possess your radio
So it only plays terrible country music

And the cry rings out
‘There’s a poltergeist in the house!’
Go on and freak out!
The fun is just starting
The haunting is beginning

Go on acting
Like I’m not there
But I am
I am

You can’t destroy what you can’t touch
And I’ll be here
Long after you’ve been
Reduced to a shadow
I’ll be all that’s left
All that endures

If it’s a ghost you think I am
Then it’s a ghost I will be
Haunting and tormenting you–

And you
Should fear


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