These Thingies

This week,
These ten thingies
Took my mouth
And pulled the corners
Into a wide smile
That I had no control over:

1. Golden-brown fried chicken lollipops
Lying in a small heap on a plate

2. ‘I will find yoooouuuuu’

3. My two best friends
Shot a 15-second film
In our living room

4. The look of surprise
On Mom’s face

5. Strawberry and chocolate milk tea;
Like silk unfurling in my mouth

6. After two years
I finally found out
How to play a glissando

7. My first taste of
Tequila rose

8. On the roadside
A man on a motorcycle stopped to
Hand a child on the street some food

9. With my face against the cool glass
I saw the city
Laid out like a jewel-box
Of scintillating topazes and sapphires

10. Holding all the dust-covered books
I used to love as a child


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