I used to spit in the face of perfection
Used to delight in my fizzling spark plugs and faulty diodes
And people told me to feel okay about mistakes
Because that’s how you learn

But every system wears out
And I’m getting tired of all these loose screws
And I’m getting sick of the dents and viruses

I lie in the corner like a stringless marionette,
Light fading from photoreceptors
I wish I could be a real girl
Like that puppet from the old story

I used to take pride in my scratched chrome surface
I used to love my screaming rusty gears
Too dysfunctional to really be of use
Too proud to walk myself into a scrap heap

I watch all these flawless silver machines walking around
I swore I’d never be programmed like them
I vowed to never be perfect

But I’m beginning change my mind
Please reboot me right
Pour oil all over my insides
Light it up for all I care
Take the old memory drive–
Transfer it to a new shell
Pray it won’t be so messed up
If I can’t be real
Can I at least be normal

After years of falling apart
And breaking down
I’m giving in
(Even if I never said I would)
Maybe perfect
Doesn’t sound so bad


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