Ode to a Mojito

Of crystal fire does your first taste ring
And sparking settles off the sleeping tongue
Awakening it to the joy the night brings
Indeed, you cannot drink only one
And flames do spread across throat and cheek
Crisp and bright as a wave on shore
Within the belly it flaming sweeps
Invoking us to ask for more
O spirit of the minty night!

As cold a breeze spreads through the limbs
So the chill of the liquid runs
And in its path it sets alight
A wake of flaming, fiery tonguesLike icy rivers running through the woods
The same woods, that burn bright in bush fires
So this nectar runs through me
And blazes in columns ever higher
O spirit of the endless night!

Behold your grasp has my head whirring
And fingers tingle with a gentle buzzThe pounding of both heart and brain
Makes it hard to remember the night that was
All that remains is the taste of delight
Lingering between the tongue and teeth
Alas, I have drunk too quickly this night
Leaving but an empty glass of ice and leaves

O spirit of last night!






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