Electric Pigeon Man

You’d usually find him in the park
Electric pigeon man
The things he did lit up the dark
Electric pigeon man
You’d read his name all over the news:
Electric genius man
A guy like that has nothing to lose
Electric pigeon man
But everyone has ups and downs
And electric pigeon man
Would just keep going on and on
Electric genius man
You’d see him lighting up the sky
Fluorescent neon man
Sparks that scream and streak and fly
Electric pigeon man
The things we cannot see and feel
Or what we don’t understand
Were the most important things of all
To electric pigeon man
Light up the the world like nobody else
Says electric pigeon man
Make it safe and bright and fast
That was his master plan.
Connect the world through waves of sound
Electric pigeon man
Through energy that runs under the ground
Electric pigeon man
But sometimes money speaks louder than dreams
And electric pigeon man
Was shoved somewhere behind the scenes
Electric pigeon man
But never did he miss a beat
Electric pigeon man
Though crackers and milk was all he’d eat
Eccentric pigeon man
And time went on and people said
Electric pigeon man
Is going a little round the bend
He’s an electric cuckoo man
The only thing that never changed
For electric pigeon man
Was how he’d always feed the birds
Electric pigeon man
There was light inside the head
Of electric pigeon man
And he used it to light the rest of the world
As brightest as he can
Because of him our world is bright
Electric pigeon man
And so we honor his memory tonight
–the electric pigeon man.


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