Recipe for a Superhero

1. Take a person– any random person.
Turn it into a hero
First sear it before a fiery flame
After this it will never be the same

1. Spread a sense of justice over its face
Stuff it with conviction and strength
(Serving suggestion: get rid of its parents)
Add a dash of flaws that will rise
Give it any powers you like

3. A drop of strength
A bit of speed
Half a cup of telepathy
1.21 gigowatts if energy
Encase it in an invincible shell
Or just make it one tough cookie

4. Let it stand through hardship, adventure, pain, betrayal
Season with romance, compassion and experience
Drop it in various pots simmering with bad guys
Don’t forget to blend all the power
With an equal ratio of responsibility

5. You can even
Take it apart and burn it dead
Then remake it and bring it back to life instead

originally written in 2012


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