Orion’s Belt

If the almost-certain possibility of complete and absolute change scares you out of your wits,
And the concept of new and alien things sends your stomach flipping over like a coin falling back to earth and never landing the same way again,
Just go outside and look at the sky
Find the three stars all laced together in a parallel line
Then trace the four stars branching out from them
That’s Orion
And he’s always there
His stars are constant; perhaps you’ll find them
In a different part of the sky than you saw them the previous night BUT
I assure you,
He’ll always be there
And he will never leave
If the inevitable occurrence of total and irreversible change terrifies you silently
Just look at the sky–
Everything changes
Nothing remains the same
But Orion does
And that means
No matter what happens
Everything will be okay


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