Odd Couples (inspired by Chiara Bautista)


She was one of those woodland creatures the world no longer believes in
Who said she’d never love again–
Then she met him.
And together they traveled,
To where? Nobody knows
They certainly don’t
But it doesn’t matter
She does the sweetest things for him,
And he vows, silently,
To protect her
And never leave
They’re both so naive, but clinging together
A two-star constellation
Lighting up the sky
A love such as theirs could only be just a story
And maybe it is…


One day they were in love and then one day she wasn’t speaking,
Her grey eyes were vacant no matter what he said to her
And she took and took from him, till all that was left
Were bones.
Their last night together,
He played the piano–
She sang–
He couldn’t have been happier
But that night in bed she pulled his heart out of his exposed rib cage and left–
Just like that.
Sliding back into the water
A silver tail gleaming in the moonlight.
She sends him letters. And they tear him apart,
Reducing him to cigarette ash
He says he’s over her.
But deep down
He waits.


The best things are unexpected.
Like a box from an ex-lover that arrives on your doorstep.
Inside, a locket. And a tiny creature,
Small face, little tentacles,
And more trouble than you can imagine.
He’s not used to such extraordinary things,
But she grows on him
Till he’s carrying her around in his pocket,
Right next to his heartbeat.
Maybe it’s her eagerness to protect him despite her size,
Maybe it’s her unwillingness to share him with others
Maybe it’s her naïveté–
That makes him wonder maybe she could have been the child we might have had
He reads to her
She wants what’s in the story
But she can’t
They’re stuck together in reality
But at least they have each other

Inspired by the gorgeous romantic artwork of Chiara Bautista. Taking the specific works that inspired these pieces from her Facebook/Deviantart page and posting them here may count as plagiarism, so here’s a link to where you can find her artwork. They are, needless to say, beautiful.



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