Some Days

Sometimes I’m 

Brightly-colored tank tops, comfy shorts

Faded blue jeans

Pastel leggings

And sometimes I’m 

Crisp formal blouses,

Knee-length skirts

Mary Janes,


Some days I’m even 

Long elegant ball gowns 

From another time

Slashed sleeves or

Long drooping ones

Skirts ballooning over a hoop or

Falling in dramatic cascades

Laced up tight in front

Some nights,

I’m the little black dress

Dark mysterious lace

High narrow heels

Evening gloves,

And pearls

Sometimes I’m 

A big comfy sweater

In all manner of

Unsightly colors

And pizza cheese 

Down the front

Sometimes I’m even a



Suit and

Sleek black tie

Some days are the


Worn-out jeans days

The high-heeled boots days,

The scarf days

And other days are the

Long cloak and

Chain-mail armor days,

The leather vest and

Wizard’s staff days

Sometimes I’m 


Loud colors

Big words all over fabric




Sometimes I’m the jacket

You lend to a friend


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