What kind of blog is this?

Formerly a casual blog started in 2012 as The Crossroads, Impromptu Media was repurposed in 2016 to serve solely as a portfolio site for my digital media and film work.

Who’s the woman behind the curtain?

My name is Sabine Antigua and I’m an international student from Manila, Philippines, studying in Sydney, Australia! I used to be pretty consistent on this blog back when it was The Crossroads, posting everything from insights to photography to entertainment reviews and tons of poetry. But I’ve since outgrown my old content and found myself unable to keep posting at the rate I did. When the times called for me to start building an online portfolio, I threw the old stuff out and began anew with Impromptu Media. I currently study Film at the Academy of Information Technology and want to specialize in pre-production and screenwriting. At my very core, I’m a storyteller– and a maker of magic.

What software do you use?

The entire Adobe CC creative suite– Premiere, AfterEffects, Illustrator, and Photoshop most often. Most of my earliest films were edited on iMovie. I create digital artwork on iPad Air using ProCreate and Adobe Ideas.

What does Impromptu Media mean?

To me, the creative process is a lot like doing magic tricks; you make something out of nothing, you bring an idea to life just like pulling a rabbit from a hat (and sometimes, the rabbit can be very stubborn) and often people just see what’s on the surface, not all the hard work and skill that goes into it.’Impromptu’ refers to a sort of magic trick that can be performed on the spot by the magician under short notice, using very little props. I chose the word to represent a digital media producer’s ability to come up with ideas and content on the spot, and because of the random events and happenings in life that are often the unexpected cause for inspiration.


Is magic even real?

Art is real. Same difference.






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